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Travel basics Cantabria

    Travel basics to Cantabria – 10 basics to keep in mind So you need some travel basics to Cantabria? Maybe planning a trip to one of Spains most unknown regions in the heart of green Atlantic Spain? On this post we gather some information for you to have it all in one place, as we aim

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    What to drink with pintxos and tapas?

      What to drink with pintxos and tapas? – whatever you are fine with, or go by the rules? Some time ago I had the opportunity to follow a fierce discussion between a couple of Swedes on a Facebook group I follow. All of them pledged to know what is the best Pintxos or Tapas &

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      Spanish food differences – why Spain is different in food

        11 Reasons for steamy arguments or sweet laughs. Our line up! If we talk food, one of our favorite themes as you know, the expression “Spain is different” is very accurate because there are some definite Spanish food differences and unique features thet have brought us joy during the years. “Spain is different” is a

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        Wine tours in Spain – beyond guided wine tours

          Wine tours by Bonito Norte Viajes – our philosophy and favorites When we launched our first Explore Rioja Wine Tour in 2011 we tried hard to take a step away from the regular mainstream Wine Tours some of our competitors were offering. We wanted to create “off the beaten path” tours and really do something different

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          Priorat wine tour

            Priorat wine tour – where it all began… A Priorat wine tour was somehow a natural way of coming back to the point where life led us into traveling, wine and incredible food. It was back in 2003 when I got a job as a bike and wine guide with Swedish travel agency Merlot Resor AB.

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