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Priorat wine tour

    Priorat wine tour – where it all began… A Priorat wine tour was somehow a natural way of coming back to the point where life led us into traveling, wine and incredible food. It was back in 2003 when I got a job as a bike and wine guide with Swedish travel agency Merlot Resor AB.

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    Rural tourism in Spain, some favorite places

      Rural tourism in Spain by provinces PART I CANTABRIA, RIOJA, CASTILLA Y LEÓN Rural tourism, or turismo rural in Spanish, is a phrase that gives us some hints of what it is all about – going to the pueblo (village, literally) and living country life where you participate in the daily activities such as taking care

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      Cooking holidays in Spain with Bonito Norte

        Cooking holidays in Spain – what our clients say! It was back in 2010 when we started our first Cooking Holidays in Spain tour: explore Cantabria, enrolling Swedish chef Andy Boman, Posada Villa Esperanza’s chef Rafa and other culinary experts such as artisan beer, cheese and wine handcrafters. Our clients had so much fun that

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        Our travelers albums!

          Our travelers albums – Kjell Samuelsson explore Cantabria 2015 Some of the best promotional pictures and videos we use for our tours exist thanks to our travelers. Many of our best photos come from you! Some years ago we recieved some great promo movies from Pelle Ohlson, but we have also recieved some great photography during

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