A different Holy week

    A different Holy week! While Easter in many Christian countries have their roots in pagan traditions, with egg dropping Easter bunnies, Scandinavian broom flying witches and colorful egg painting, Spanish Easter is a very serious festivity. Especially in the South, where many consider  the Holy week the event of the year. Spain and some other latin countries run processions since the protestant outbreak with Martin Luther and his strive for the Christians to return to a more austere living, far away from the golden decorated catholic churches and cathedrals. What was the catholic respons? To decorate even more and take it out on the streets in precessions on holy important  dates. This year, since we have to stay at home, we take a look at the Spanish Easter,  so we have collected this video list for you while we are enjoying a different Holy week in Spain, without processions! 5 picks  worth seeing, all for different reasons!

    A different holy week

    A different holy week

    Here is our choice ot 5 videos to get a glimpse of the Spanish Easter since this year is a different Holy week. Enjoy it!

    1. Scary, unique, impressive… a lot can be said about the procession in San Vicente in La Rioja where worshipping men from all over the world apply to flagellate themselves… SEE FOR YOURSELF!
    2. More easygoing is the Turbas procession in Cuenca, also know as the procession of the drunks! SEE IT HERE!
    3. Impressive and special is the Gipsy procession in Granada – very flamenco and emotional! TAKE A LOOK!
    4. Freaky, crazy and humorous processions, some with a pagan touch… even if it is in spanish it is worth taking a look at and HAVE A LAUGH!
    5. 2020 confinement procession is also a blast! THE DOG PROCESSION!

    To learn more about Spanish Easter basics read this article from the Culture trip!

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