A different MICE year 2018!

    A different MICE year 2018! It sure has been an hectic year trying to pull off all the organization and event marketing around our events and product presentations with our Scandinavian partners. We have actually presented over 20 new products to our partners comercial staff, formed their guides and really tried our best to find the best solutions through different and new concepts, based on trust and communication. Conference and MICE doesn´t have to mean a cold conference room, it can also take place in settings like wineries, schools, restaurants or out in the open air! And it sure would be a little awkward to not present a tourist product on the field and discussing and commenting the different possibilities, rather than doing it in a conference room.

    Photo of winery with presentation for importers

    In 2018 we have really worked hard to get the most of all the contacts we made in the TourSpain events in Stockholm and Oslo in 2016 and 2017.

    It has been a pleasure developing new standards and new ways of making productive MICE in-situ where we actually see where the tourist products will take place! We have chosen to call this concept On Tour Conference and Team building. A conference about a tourist package or destination presentation has to take place where we actually meet the people and can touch, smell, see and feel the experiences. We are not presenting a new car model here, are we?

    The more traditional follow up conferences have taken place afterwards, in Sweden and Norway where we have had the opportunity to go  3 times this year to meet our commercial staff again and to finish up the excellent work!

    Follow up conference in Sweden

    So thank you Reseskaparna, Special Resor, Jörns Resor, Vinvino and more for a very productive year!

    We are really looking forward to creating great travel packages for our common clients in 2019-20!

    Conference at school in Pamplona