Active healthy holidays

    Active healthy holidays in northern Spain is of course about leisure time, enjoying good company, landscapes and stunning views as well as moving around and getting that cardio trimming we need – especially during vacations, where we tend to try new delicious gastronomy and wine (This goes especially for northern Spain). Active holidays is the healthy way of combining excercise with good food and wine. One does not have to exclude the other, it is all about the balance. So our contribution to World Health Day in these stormy Covid 19 times, is a wish for us all to dream on and look forward, to the future when we all can walk, bike, and ride freely on tours all over the world. Of course always respecting nature and locals.

    Active healthy holidays

    Active healthy holidays

    Active healthy holidays in northern Spain in our case are mostly linked to our walking theme “Explore” tours.

    By the coast, in the mountains or in charming villages, our leisure walks on our explore tours are always suited for all ages. As we have prepared written detailed itineraries and maps, you will be able to complete each route at your own pace. And if you still need an extra challenge we can provide you with some alternative extra kilometers to complete the physical activity of each day.

    Some punchlines for our most frequented Active healthy holidays in northern Spain tours in the last years:

    Galicia wine & walking tour! A journey in time to Spain’s best-kept secrets in northwestern Galicia. Spain, but not Spain… We visit small estates where we meet the winemakers, wander in nature reserves along the beautiful Atlantic coast or Ribera Sacra Canyon, eat seafood and fish with Albariño wines and enjoy romanesque culture treasures inland. We try the incredible potential of the Mencía grape on the terraced slopes where heroic winegrowers craft mythical wines. The trip ends in Santiago de Compostela where pilgrims from all corners of the World meet. Join us to perhaps Spain’s most unknown corner! Can you keep a secret?

    Explore the World of wine in Rioja, the tiny but huge wine region by the shores of the Ebro River, surrounded by majestic mountains. La Rioja is a place where history blend with new modern architecture and Signature wines. Walk the vineyards, the mountains and the Rioja forests. Visit wineries, wine harvest and try true wine making. Cook traditional & modern fine-dining on this Signature wine-tour.

    Explore Castilla & León & “la buena vida” – the good life – in western Spain. Taste the secrets of the unique spanish Ibérico ham – the best ham in the world, the wines of what winelovers call new Spain, the beauty of Salamanca, charming villages Toro & Sepúlveda and the capital Madrid that never sleeps. A combo of walking tour, eating & drinking that will bring you a little closer to the soul of Spain.

    So dream on, stay safe and remember!


    • Live Longer
    • Walking Helps Prevent Weight Gain/ You Can Walk off Weight
    • Walking Reduces Risk of Cancer
    • Walking Reduces Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke
    • Walking Reduces Diabetes Risk
    • Walking Boosts Your Brain Power
    • Walking Improves Mood and Relieves Stress
    • It’s Easy to Get Started

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