Bonito baskets for Christmas

    Give away Bonito baskets this year! This Christmas is going to be different and it seems like we are going to have to make a real effort to celebrate it in a new way. For this reason, we have decided to make it easy by granting you the opportunity to give away our limited edition of Bonito baskets, full of wine and artisan gastronomy from small producers in northern Spain. The best gift for you, your family, at work, or to be enjoyed with friends!


    Perhaps you already knew that the gastronomy in northern Spain is excellent. After 10 years of walking, touring and biking the northern Spanish regions we have hand-picked some of our favorite producers to make these gourmet Bonito baskets! A new way to mind travel, to remember flavors, aromas and feelings, or maybe you haven’t been here, and want to give it a try!

    On almost every tour we do we have clients asking us, ” Where can I can buy the cheese we tried on day 1?” or “Can you help me to get a bottle of wine from the second day picnic?”, and so on…

    This year we have been traveling in a new way, through gastronomy and wine baskets, digital tastings and virtual guided video tours. 

    For us, this has been a way to keep in touch with our clients and to maintain their travel dream alive! Our producers have all been delighted with the idea and their response has been only positive. Even farmers, dairies and wineries we didn’t know of, have contacted us to participate!

    Our baskets are eco-logical, a support to the small producers and full of excellent unknown produce for the lucky receiver. A birthday present or Christmas gift with a personal and very distinguished packaging! Bonito baskets!

    These are our options for this Christmas:

    Bonito Basket GREATEST HITS GRANDE 85,00€  

    Anchovies and bonito tuna, young wine, wine from DO Arribes x 2, Organic jam, artisan chorizo ​​from La Rioja, Iberian ham from Guijuelo, artisan chocolate from Soria, sheep cheese from Salamanca

    Bonito Basket from Cantabria GRANDE 88,00€ 

    Anchovies and bonito tuna, cheese from the Valles Pasiegos + quesuco cheeses from Liébana x 2, craft beer x 2, white wine from the Cantabrian coast, mini orujo (grappa) x 3, sweets from Clarisas nuns, wild boar chorizo, Liébana jams x 2

    Bonito Basket from Cantabria SMALL 55,00€

    Anchovies and bonito tuna, white wine from the Cantabrian coast, 2 craft beers,
    cheeses from the Valles Pasiegos + cheese from Liébana, Wild Boar Chorizo, 2 jams from Liébana

    Bonito Basket from Rioja GRANDE 85,00€

    Young Wine, aged Crianza wine, barrel-fermented white wine, Artesana chorizo ​​and Artesana wild boar chorizo, Cameros cheese x 3, extra virgin olive oil 250ml, “alegrías” peppers, wine jam, piquillo peppers, quince jelly, Nájera peppers

    Bonito basket from Rioja SMALL 35,00€ 

    Carbonic maceration wine x 2, Artesana chorizo, Nájera peppers, alegrías, Cameros cheese x2, wine marmalade.

    Bonito basket Castilla y León GRANDE 87,00€  

    Wine from DO Arribes x 2, Wine D.O.P Valtiendas, Organic cheese from Salamanca, Chorizo ​​and Guijuelo Iberian ham, Organic jams from Zamora x 2, “Garrapiñadas” natural sweets from La Alberca, Artisan chocolate from Soria

    Bonito basket ECO Several regions 77,00€

    Wine from DO Arribes x 2, organic sheep cheese, organic anchovies, organic extra virgin olive oil from La Rioja, organic jam from Zamora, jam from Liébana, artisan chocolate from Soria

    Shipping costs not included. In Europe estimated between 15,00-20,00€ for one basket.

    Deadline for Christmas ordering: December 10th

    Please ask us for special offers and discounts for companies and large groups.

    Payments by credit card or money transfer.

    Ask for your Bonito basket on the contact form below, email to or by phone/whatsapp to  +34 647728361 or +34 609982078

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