Defining Green Spain

    Defining green Spain – the initiatives, the geography & and where we are…

    Since the raise of social media we participate in forums, groups on facebook and other media and sometimes get more than surprised by how unknown the territorial meaning of green or northern Spain is.  Spain was in 1978 divided into 17 autonomous regions, some were named after old popular territorial denominations so therefor today, Santander is Cantabria and Logroño is La Rioja. So Defining green Spainwhy surprised then?

    Well sometimes, we get references of northern Spain as Aragón or Cataluña. Out of the question for a Spaniard or even a Catalán. Northern Spain in Spain, is green Spain. And what is that? Wikipedia puts it this way:  “Green Spain (direct translation into English of the Spanish España Verde) is the name given to a lush natural region in Northern Spain, stretching along the Atlantic coast from the border with Portugal to the border with France.

    The region includes nearly all of GaliciaAsturiasCantabria plus the northern parts of the Basque Country, as well as a minor portion of Navarre.”

    So the reason is the climate, the green meadows and the oak & birch forests so far from the dry Mediteranean climate. The Foehn effect that trappes the humid clouds on the peaks of the Cantabrian mountains or the Picos de Europa, is the real reason for the humidity, the green and the vaste difference from dry Spain. But there are other factors in common.

    We summed it up with no deep pretentions some years ago and you can read it here!

    The food, the culture, the way of life is not too different in Galicia and in the Basque Country – the two regions further away from each other…. but sometimes the regional political life tend to point more on the differences than the points in common. Spain in a nutshell. The four regions used to have a unifying promotional proyect but as far as we know the Green Spain proyect can only be traced to a more or less abandoned Facebook page yet with some nice videos though.

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