General Conditions, confirmations, cancellations & changes

Confirmation and cancellation of orders


The confirmation of a reservation, which includes the fundamental, such as the description of the reserved services and price items, will be sent by email.

Data stored in computers or electronic media are sufficient proof and, therefore, be acceptable under the same conditions and with the same physical document probative value.


Customer has not an automatic right of cancellation, unless so provided by the relevant suppliers in their own Special Terms and Conditions, that have been provided to Customer before formalizing your booking. All applications will be handled on behalf of the Suppliers concerned. In case of total or partial cancellation of a reservation by the Customer, we can ask for compensation to the client to cover the costs of existing contracts. In addition, the suppliers may apply other charges. When a cancellation affects more than one person on the booking, the corresponding cancellation fee will apply to each of the persons included in the reservation.

A fee may be imposed by the applicable Provider in the case of cancellations or reservation changes. Please refer to the Special Terms and Conditions have been notified during the booking process for more details.

If the customer does not show for a trip, the only reimbursement to the Customer is entitled shall be those provided in the Special Terms and Conditions of the relevant Provider and notified during the booking process.

Bonito Norte Viajes S.L. reserves the right to cancel your reservation if we do not receive payment in full and in a timely manner.

Change in booking

If after booking the Customer wants to make any changes regarding the date, destination or place of the trip, the accommodation or the means of transport, the Customer should call +34 647728361 or write to info @ bonitonorte. com. A fee may be imposed by the applicable Provider in the case changes are made in the booking, please see the Special Terms and Conditions that have been notified during the booking process for more details. To change a reservation made by the Customer, Bonito Norte Viajes. normally have to cancel the original reservation, which can lead to compensation or charges imposed by suppliers, which may even include one hundred percent of the value of travel booked; Furthermore, the customer must pay the cost of the new reserve.

Special terms Cancellations, Amendments and Refunds Bonito Norte Viajes

Cancellation due to severe sickness, illness, death of close family: 100% ot the total amount up to 48h before departure with an administrative fee of 40,00€. Refund does not include air carrier refunds if the ticket is an issued ticket.

After this point, refund of 75%. Refund does not include air carrier refunds if the ticket is an issued ticket.

Cancellation due to events of Force Mayor on destination (Spain) total refund of the whole price with an administrative fee of 40,00€. Does not automatically include air carrier refunds (refund in voucher).

If cancellation is due to sickness we requiere a medical certificate.

Cancellation due to other reasons (not specified by client and does not include air carrier refunds)

Cancellations up to 41 days prior to tour start date, the booking fee will not be refunded

Cancellation from 40 days to 48 hours prior to tour start date, 30% refund of the total amount of the tour

Cancellation of tour from 48h until of tour, non-refundable

No shows are non refundable

Cancellations due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Please note that Bonito Norte Viajes S.L. always check with local authorities and coordinate with recommendations from the foreign ministries, and do not take any risks to run a tour. In the case of COVID-19 restrictions and if the consequences of these restrictions makes it impossible to run a tour, a new date will be scheduled for the tour or another similar tour will be offered. We reserve the right to update the general pricing of the tour due to hotel and air carrier updates. Cancellations due to worries will be considered as “due to other reasons” above.

We recommend you to contract a travel insurance or check what may be covered by your domestic insurance and credit card payment insurance.