Last years “Picnic harvest” from the Wine tours in La Rioja, Spain!


     We are still summing up 2013 in some ways. One example is our picnic-wine harvest 2013… As you can see it was a good solid cork year!

    A couple of days ago some friends came to visit and were worried about our wine consumption as they saw a huge collection of wine corks – mostly from La Rioja. We explained that one of our strong assets as a travel agency is all the gourmet picnics we organize during the year, where we really get to try local products & garage wines, enjoy beautiful sceneries and really get to think – life is great!

    In travel memories we get to share or on feed back surveys, this is a part of our tours people really remember. Their open air picnic in a wine yard in La Rioja, by the sea in Cantabria or in a small village on the Camino… During these happenings Spaniards usually close up and ask us why this extraordinary treat with ham, wine, cheeses and more, and when asked if they want an “aperitivo” they take off with a grin and a “que aproveche” (Bon appetit)!

    Try a small group wine tour or cooking & walking tour and  see for yourself!

    Picnic in Cataluña with Merlot Resor

    Picnic in La Rioja