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Galicia wine & walks – Rías Baixas – Ribeiro – Ribera Sacra – Pontevedra & Santiago – Meet the Winemakers – Tour for Foodies
Galicia wine & walking tour! A journey in time to Spain’s best-kept secrets in northwestern Galicia. Spain, but not Spain… We visit small estates where we meet the winemakers, wander in nature reserves along the beautiful Atlantic coast or Ribera Sacra Canyon, eat seafood and fish with Albariño wines and enjoy romanesque culture treasures inland. We try the incredible potential of the Mencía grape on the terraced slopes where heroic winegrowers craft mythical wines. The trip ends in Santiago de Compostela where pilgrims from all corners of the World meet. Join us to perhaps Spain’s most unknown corner! Can you keep a secret? (8 days/7 nights).

Galicia is one of the most beautiful places in Spain …Matador Network

Heroic Viticulture
ribera sacra
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rias baixas viñedo

Itinerary highlights
To the end of the world – there is something special about the gallegos with their celtic culture & Galician language, but what intrigues us more is their solemn way of looking towards the sea, the unspoken pride of their sublime food & delicate wine, and their accepting relation to their rainy climate.  Explore Galicia in this Galicia wine & walking tour, as we experience Santiago de Compostela the pilgrim melting pot of people & cultures but also enjoy the well preserved Galician villages & heritage countryside. We take you to the sea and we have handpicked some of the most beautiful overlooking spots of the Ribera Sacra canyon. As always we take you to face to face mettings with the food & wine crafters. In this case we will get amazed by the official term “heroic viticulture” in magic Ribera Sacra, and we will learn more about Spains most appreciated whites – the Albariños. We walk cultural trails in our own pace and really get to feel the treasures as we explore Galicia. 7 nights 8 day tour.

Day 1

Late arrival by air. Transfer to Pontevedra and check in.

Day 2 (B,D)

Settle in, enjoy Pontevedra with our recommended routes on your own. At night we meet up with the guide and the group and the welcome dinner consists of the delicacies of the sea with Galician wines.

Day 3 (B,L,D)

Breakfast followed by a boat trip to La Costa Atlántica’s beautiful island world and an insight into the mystery of the Mussel and other seafood delicacies cultivation in Rías Baixas. Optional hikes / walks (5-8km) and your chance for a swim in the cold Atlantic. Lunch,  back in the harbor. On the way back, we visit the O Grove peninsula with its beautiful scenery and architecture, as well as a small family run winery by the sea in D.O. Rias Baixas. The white wine district with the special tied Albariño grapes in the so-called Parrales. For dinner, more modern dining experience in Pontevedra.

Day 4 (B,L,D)

After breakfast we visit to the market in Pontevedra, followed by a nice bus ride towards the inland D.O. Ribeiro where the wineries have returned to the Treixadura grape after ripping up the Palomino vines that devalued the Ribeiro. Exciting visit and genuine lunch at local “furanxo” (simple traitional bodega / taverna) in the neighborhood. We continue to Ribera Sacra check in Parada del Sil. Evening stroll 2-4km to one of the amazing views of the river Sil. Dinner with the regional food & wine from D.O. Ribera Sacra.

Day 5 (B,L,D)

Breakfast followed by 5km hiking along the beautiful river Sil with amazing views where we experience its “Heroic viticulture” with the Mencia vines in terraced slopes! Beautiful scenery, Romanesque architecture and birdlife. Winery visit D.O. Ribera Sacra in the subdistrict Amandi (heart of Ribera Sacra) and rural lunch. Night trip with catamaran and dinner.

Day 6 (B,L,D)

Breakfast and morning visit to another winery, then on to Santiago de Compostela – the pilgrims’ goal! We stop at the mythical Monte de Gozo (the mountain of joy where we get a first view of cathedral tower), lunch in town & check in. In the afternoon we follow a guided walk about 3km with an authorized city guide. Dinner on your own.

Day 7 (B,D)

Breakfast followed by optional day trip (not included) to beautiful Finisterre with nice walk (about 3km) to the lighthouse. Lunch on your own along the nice beach or at the harbor. Back in Santiago with time on your own before we join for farwell dinner.

Day 8

Breakfast and transfer to airport.

Getting here & transfers


Santiago, Vigo or Oporto airports for regular incoming international flights.
bus green
All minibus transfers in Spain included.
Hotels & meals
During this tour we have selected well situated 3*** hotels and a unique countryside hotel. On our Santiago tour you will enjoy solid buffet breakfasts with bread, cereals, juice, coffe & tea, ham, eggs, cheese as well as local sweets to get ready for a day of walking and experiences. The lunches and dinners? Homecooked taverna food and the sublime sea food of Galicia. We also enjoy some modern Gourmet meals.
Activities on this tour

walking-icon green

Walking Level: Easy         Shortest/longest walk 4 km/10 km(optional)
Maximum climb 300m     Maximum descent 300m
We will enjoy our walks that always are optional on this Galicia wine & walking tour – if you a have a soar knee we will pick you up to meet the group at the next scheduled point. As we have prepared written detailed itineraries and maps, you will be able to complete each route at your own pace. And if you still need an extra challenge we can provide you with some alternative extra kilometers to complete the physical activity of each day.
Recommended walking accesories : Walking poles, gore tex walking shoes/ low ancle boots, light ruck-sack for daily necessities.
wine greenVisits to 4 wineries with tastings. There will be opportunities to see how wine was made yesterday in comparison with modern techniques of authors or garage styled modern wines.
More tour maps

See the areas we explore on this tour!

What´s included?

7 nights double room at selected Hotel 3*** or similar

Transfers and luggage transport according to program

7 Breakfast, 4 Lunches , 6 Dinners (Wine with all meals)

Visits, tastings and activities according to program

Expert guiding during the whole week

Walking routes itineraries and maps

Travel documentation and useful information

Pricing & general Conditions

From 1.210,00€

(240,00€ single room additional fee)

Flight and means of transportation to Spain excluded

Cancellations, Amendments and Refunds Bonito Norte Viajes

Cancellation due to severe sickness, illness, death of close family or catastrophic events at home such as fire, flooding or else: Total refund of the whole Price.

Cancellation due to other reasons

Cancellations up to 7 days tour starting date, 75% refund

Cancellation from 6 days to 48 hours prior to tour start date, 50% refund

Cancellation of tour start date prior to 48h, non-refundable

Tour dates

Upcoming tour

explore Galicia
Sep 19 @ 9:00 pm – Sep 26 @ 8:00 am
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Galicia’s weather

The weather is the only real negative when it comes to Galicia. The Spanish think of Galicia as the rainy region, but that needs to be put into the context of Southern Spain and their 12 month long summers. Galicia does have 4 seasons and they are clearly defined with winter temperatures getting close to and sometimes below freezing.

On my summer visits to Galicia I have generally had around 5 good days out of every 7, and a good day can be 80 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit or more with brilliant sun and a clear sky. Summers are however unreliable and you should expect some cloudy and wet days.

The months of May and June are variable when it comes to weather, but the most picturesque when it comes to scenery. Galicia’s flowers and blossom are out at this time of year and the hills and meadows are a blend of green and yellow from the daisies and wild broom. On a good day in late spring temperatures can easily reach 25 degrees centigrade, but the evenings are much cooler.

Many days can however start off dull with the sun burning through, what may look like an overcast sky, from around 11.00am. Humidity can also be high if you travel inland, but around the coastal areas there is nearly always a breeze and this is cooled by the Atlantic Ocean.

Provincial weather variances

Pontevedra has a micro-climate making it hot and (comparatively) dry in summer and mild in winter. Ourense has the most extreme of Galicia’s weather conditions with hot inland sunny days in summer, but cold and sometimes freezing days in winter. You can also see snow in Ourense. Lugo has a mix of weather with the north being cooler and the south (next to Ourense) being a few degrees hotter. La Coruna is in between the others. As a tip, if you are in la Coruna and have poor weather, check out the forecast in southern Pontevedra and especially Ourense. It may be worth spending an hour in the car and driving south to see some sun. Portugal is also close by.

Humidity can be very high, well over 80%, in summer, but the coastal areas will always offer a refreshing breeze. Spring (April to May) also has a high pollen count, mainly as a result of the pine forests. This can also catch out some “non” hay fever sufferers like my wife, so be warned.

Daylight hours

It will remain light (even in August) up until around 10.00pm at night. The best time to visit Galicia is probably around late June through to mid August when you will benefit from the best weather and longest hours of daylight. You can also sun bathe until around 9.00pm and the busier beaches will stay that way through to around 8.00pm at night.

Weather differences between the coast and inland cities

If sun is important to you, bear in mind that the weather varies significantly between coastal and inland towns.

As an example, Santiago de Compostela is reputed to have a least one drop of rain on over 300 days a year. If you visit Santiago, leave the sun cream behind and take an umbrella.

What you will also find however, is that on a dull and rainy day in Santiago, the sun may be out just 35km to 40km (27 miles) away at a coastal location like Noia or Muros. You will also find that there is frequently a weather difference between the towns and beaches inside the protected rias (coves and bays) and those facing open sea. As an example, if it is dull in the town of Noia, it may well be bright and sunny just half an hours ride away at “la praia de Queiruga” (beach) which faces open sea.


explore Galicia wine & walks

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