Gastro-walk & cook session Bilbao

Gastro walk & VIP cooking session in Bilbao with Paul Ibarra – Los Fueros

Gastro walk & VIP cooking! Come with us and stroll the old part of Bilbao. Try the famous chocolate in the cobble street stone shape & get a bite of the Idiazábal goat cheese. A quick visit to the Mercado de la Ribera market place and afterwards… Welcome to Los Fueros, a bar and restaurant that most people know in Bilbao. Open since 1878 as Bar Columbus,  in 1930 it was acquired by the Arana family and moved to C/Los Fueros (The Jurisdiction) referring to its location on the beautiful street of the Casco Viejo of Bilbao. In 2015, after a complete renovation in which they have complied with all its hallmarks, Los Fueros reopens offering  traditional cuisine based on the best products and available throughout the day. Los Fueros is back , with the best cuisine and willing to keep up and cherish a traditional treasure. Join us on a special evening with VIP cooking, nice company, guaranteed laughs & great food! Exclusive Bonito Norte evening!
Get to know the chef…
“My name is Paul and I was born in a village that is located on the banks of the estuary of Bilbao and the Cantabrian Sea. I guess this fact by itself prints my pathological optimism. Working as a creative in the Etxanobe, a restaurant with a Michelin star in Bilbao, I have been able to experiment. I love traveling, watching, walking slowly, books, wizards, humor, movies, listening to music and of course eat. I’m curious, extremely curious, attentive almost always on the go and I like to have a notebook handy in case I have something to aim for. Do it yourself. Fiddling with my electronic gadgets – always penultimate generation – allow me to play with photos, videos, drawings … a renaissance man with more craft than art. I like to talk about food and at home they think I’m a bit obsessive…”

VIP cooking session with Paul Ibarra, cooking class, apron & recipes, 3 course dinner, wine, dessert & coffee, 90 € per person. Minimum 4 persons.
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