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Cooking holidays in Spain with Bonito Norte

    Cooking holidays in Spain – what our clients say! It was back in 2010 when we started our first Cooking Holidays in Spain tour: explore Cantabria, enrolling Swedish chef Andy Boman, Posada Villa Esperanza’s chef Rafa and other culinary experts such as artisan beer, cheese and wine handcrafters. Our clients had so much fun that

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    Bilbao news & April pick of the month

      Bilbao news! What´s on? Our latest discoveries in El Botxo! Aupa! Bilbao news is more than “A lot has been happening in Bilbao since the Metro came to town in 1995, Guggenheim in 97 and Euskalduna congress & opera hall in 99…bla bla bla” Evolution is constant in the hole or “El Botxo” as the proud

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      Yoga in Green Spain!

        We proudly present our new collaborators Sylvia and Palany! To get a chance to get to know them we launch a very special retreat with excellent opportunities to do yoga and meditation with our hindú friend Palany and try some thrilling workshops with Sylvia. Meditation, nice settings, cooking and nature walks as well as optional

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