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Wine tours in Spain – beyond guided wine tours

    Wine tours by Bonito Norte Viajes – our philosophy and favorites When we launched our first Explore Rioja Wine Tour in 2011 we tried hard to take a step away from the regular mainstream Wine Tours some of our competitors were offering. We wanted to create “off the beaten path” tours and really do something different

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    Northern Spain – 10 basic tips for hidden gems explorers

      northern Spain, green tours & travel We are now preparing some entries for our blog, a small selection of territory protection, local people and cultural diversity related issues to come handy planning a tour to green northern Spain. We think it may be fun and also a nice introduction, to define “the green way” or “green Spain”

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      A culinary travel in northern Spain

        NOTICE: WE DO NOT RECOMMEND READING SAMIRA’S ARTICLE BEFORE LUNCH It was back in May this year when we received an e-mail from the Spanish Tourism Office in Stockholm. They were helping out with a northern Spain press trip for the very exclusive lifestyle Swedish mag First Class Magazine. Samira Wingårdh-Waenerlund, journalist and chief editor, and Björn Waenerlund,

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