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A different Holy week

    A different Holy week! While Easter in many Christian countries have their roots in pagan traditions, with egg dropping Easter bunnies, Scandinavian broom flying witches and colorful egg painting, Spanish Easter is a very serious festivity. Especially in the South, where many consider  the Holy week the event of the year. Spain and some other

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    Unique, charming museums northern Spain

      Looking for unique, charming museums in northern Spain? It would be easy to do a bucket list of the coolest architecture masterpiece-museums in northern Spain post-Guggenheim-Bilbao in 1997. The most important building of our time (or Guggen as the Bilbaínos call it), paved the way for the Niemeyer and Botín Centres in Avilés and Santander,

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      Spanish Christmas basics

        SPANISH CHRISTMAS IN THE EYES OF A FOREIGNER Last Sunday we ended up our family lunch with a discussion about what is the Spanish way of celebrating Christmas. Do we still maintain our traditions? Did we ever have as many traditional rituals as they do for example in some other European countries? We do have five

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