Tapas and pinchos tour Santander

    Tapas and pinchos tour Santander. Strange enough we didn´t find a decent guide for foreigners to go on an on-your-own tapas, or as we call it in the north, pinchos hopping evening. So we decided to make our own! Tapas and pinchos and a glass of wine is the easy Spanish way of meeting up on bars and noisy venues. People may think of San Sebastiáns or Bilbaos old town colored counters, but the culinary heritage has spread and is now well established all over the country, especially in the cities and Santander has its own trail.

    Tapas and pinchos tour Santander – Photo by First Class Magazine, Sweden

    A good tapas and pinchos tour in Santander or in any town is always recommended to you by locals. Locals do not always take their time to put down their favorites in tourist social media like Tripadvisor or likewise, but trust me, it is who you should rely on. In culinary Mecca of the world, San Sebastián, it has actually gone so far that the highly recommended Social-media-venues are overcrowded with gastronomads from all over the world. The local clients moved out or over to Gros, and with them part of the charm, and hopefully not, but eventually also quality. So here is a short bucket list for a pinchos and tapas tour on your own in Santander. Just a quick Google link and our favorite pincho. The rest is up to you, becasue the thing with this art of living is leaving a little bit out for destiny and improvisation. You can´t plan everything in Spain. In that case you wouldn´t have understood anything!


    Casa Lita – A search engine fav  that appears on all lists, but actually still a good place with a lot of napkins on the floor which you know means good flow of customers. Try the  Sliders and curry chicken!

    El Catavinos – Three words, sirloin with foie! And of course a great selection of wines!

    Zissou – Try the marinated salmon Scandinavian style! One of our favorites!

    Cañadío – Excellent Tapas counter in this excellent restaurant. Fish puding or to round up with their cheese cake!

    Rampalay – The origins! Here you should try the Squids (Rabas), no doubt about it!

    El Machi – Machichaco takes it´s name from the famous steam wessel that exploded at the end of the 19th century – one of the big tragedies of Santander. But their fried fish bits try to make up with history!

    Bodega el Riojano – Great atmosphere, maybe the best croquetas in town!

    El Marucho – Also seafood and fish in one of the most crowded counters in this small, homy fish haven!

    Arrabal 11 – Great tortilla!

    Fuente Dé – Round it up with a blue cheese canapé of Queso Picón – these guys have the real thing! The cheese that according to Cantabria is the mother of all blue cheeses. Even superstar Roquefort is supposedly a copy… I don´t know what the french would say?


    So tonight don´t forget to say:

    ¡Qué aproveche! (Bon appetit) to your fellow pinchos hoppers,

    ¡Por favor! , when you order,

    and “Con permiso” when you try to squeese in and get a spot by the counter!


    Let us know about your Tapas and pinchos tour Santander!

    If you feel lazy and want it given to you with a tour guide, we found this price-worthy tour y tapas Santander! 

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    ¡Pasa al fondo chicos que hay sitio!