Unique experiences northern Spain!

    Unique experiences northern Spain is what we cater and craft since 2010 – find out about new experiences we offer in 2018!

    Starting a travel agency might seem awkward in this age of getting rid of the middle layers, with producer-to-final-client obsessed internet peer-to-peer services and know-how sharing in real time. But we are doing fine. Basically because we keep believing there are gems and Unique experiences northern Spain, you will not reach or even find on your own, and some secrets are better to find with local knowledge and understanding. We also try to give you the background, the big picture and the story behind the people, the sights and the wine & food you will enjoy in our region.

    We stomp wine in harvest, we have sweet tastings with nuns, we learn to cut ibérico ham with locals, we go behind the scenes for arquitecture and art travel, we let you lead in cooking and other creative sessions and all of this with a finger tip feel for pace, detail, and the overall experience.

    So what´s new for our unique travel experiences in northern green Spain?

    Explore Madrid… 

    Well not actually northern Spain but we extend our handicraft to the capital. Experience the trendy districts, the art, the culinary secrets, the wine appellation D.O. Madrid. Join our Almodóvar city walking tour, meet local chefs and brag about your special Thyssen museum visit once back home.  Our Madrid walks & wine tour is an insiders tour to our favorite spots. A perfect blend of wines, excellent fine-dining & cultural walks. Small villages as well as the capital Madrid.

    Experience Cantabria new edition…

    We have redesigned our first tour we have been offering since 2010…Easy walking holiday along the coast line, the Pasiego Valleys and the impressive Picos de Europa National Park. Learn to cook typical local dishes, as well as modern cuisine on our cooking sessions. Local guides  will take you to villages, its people and our beautiful secret spots. The week is completed with interesting visits and sublime gastronomy.

    Wine harvest in Castilla y León

    We have been visiting western Spain since 2015 and on this tour we add one of the highlights from Explore La Rioja – the wine harvest experience! This will take place in small appellation Arribes around the village of Fermoselle…

    This is a small video from last years wine harvest in La Rioja!

    Unique experiences northern Spain. No doubts about who you should travel with…

    Unique experiences northern Spain