Vacation rental northern Spain

    Vacation rental northern Spain is not a risky mission to carry out and with today´s excellent platforms for house renting it is easy and fast to find a nice vacation rental in northern Spain. But remember a few things to understand what to look out for!

    Vacation rental northern Spain

    Vacation rental northern Spain is an easy task with several  house renting channels available nowadays! Here is just a few things to have in mind when you look for just that place in northern Spain!

    1. Due to a rainier climate very few owners of the villas and houses have constructed a swimming pool. This is a fact and hard to find, especially in the smaller houses. We get asked for that feature a lot and most of the times we can´t offer it.
    2. The major houses and villas platforms are Airbnb, Homeaway & Rentalia. But there are also some good specialized ones like Toprural or – the last one somewhat smaller with less options but a northern Spain specialist!
    3. Cleaning, heat & gas are included unless the opposite is clearly specified for you.
    4. Don´t be shy to ask for anything missing or commenting any problems or abnormalities as they show up. Get the most of your stay and be on top of the problems.
    5. Ask for maps, recommendations and help to book things. This is usually something the owners or renters help out with happily! They want you to be happy with the overall experience.
    6. If you are in contact directly with the owner, ask for a discount for staying more nights or look out to fill up empty one night slots between your booking and the previous or next one. If one night gets in between, the owners are in general very keen to give you that extra night for a bargain (50% or more discount).
    7. If you are staying in a rural area outside of cities and bigger villages you will need a car. Public transport to smaller villages can be limited to 1-2 buses per day.
    8. Northern Spain has a lot of traditional stone houses converted into Posadas or Casonas (kind of traditional Villa genre). Remember that these houses sometimes are noisy. If they have indoor wooden structures the creaks can me annoying. Charming but sometimes too much for light sleepers.
    9. Remember that the local bars/restaurants are usually very price worthy and serve great homemade food!
    10. High season in northern Spain is usually second half of July and first of August. Good deals can be found in June and September! Remember to check the house really exist before paying any booking fees. Ask for coordinates or link to google maps (street view) and check out the surroundings.

    Enjoy your vacation rental northern Spain and ask us for recommendations and suggestions! We work with several unique houses, cabins & villas! Stay in a typical Hórreo mountain cabin or on a boat!

    A new growing alternative to houses and villas are the long list of mobile homes and caravan platforms & companies. Check out or Nørvink caravans…for more inspiration!

    ¡See you soon!